Why We Love A Terra Cotta + Blush Color Palette


After someone asks to see your ring or if you’ve set a date for your wedding, traditionally the next question up is “so what colors are you thinking?” Like hold on people, I am still trying to figure out what I want to eat for dinner tonight. 

Luckily the options are unlimited, which is also a curse. I mean suddenly all the colors eventually start to look like same, like is there really a difference between sage and rosemary? Apparently there is.

Today we are tapping into our current favorite color palette. Can you guess what it is?


You got it. It is terra-cotta and blush. The ever so dynamic duo.

Let’s talk terra cotta.

A color as rich as the earth’s core and as warm as a sunset, which makes sense consider it literally means “baked earth.” Starting in 2018 we really started to see this color appear in the wedding world and it has consistently been a trending color sense.

Terra cotta is a rich color giving all the autumn vibes. While it is perfect for an autumn wedding it also can translate well to other seasons when paired correctly, a.k.a. with a sweet pastel, like blush.

Let’s talk blush.


I don’t know about you but blush often gives me all the lovey dovey vibes. Reminding us of items like florals and all things romance. It is only fair that it has been a trending color for weddings and is why it is here to stay for spring/summer 2020 too.

Let’s talk terra cotta and blush.


Together this pair provides just enough contrast, a natural warmth and highlight, and esthetically pleasing look. This color palette can be so versatile for locations, venues, florals, and the list goes on.

Have a rustic chic barn wedding on the sweet midwestern country side or the ultimate bohemian wedding in the desert. No matter what the palette is it is important that it embodies the couple that you, your vibe, and your style.

So why does By Invitation Only love this palette so much? The answer is it brings us joy. Plastered on our office walls and inspiration boards to bring an extra zest of life to our creative space. Not to mention, we are a sucker for a bohemian wedding with unique florals and all the vintage vibes.

We’ve found a palette we love, have you?

Wait first, have you set a date for your wedding?


All Wedding Photography By: Dawn Charles

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