Paper 101: Save The Dates


You’re engaged. Suddenly you remember that one save the date you received from “the cool girl” and start to panic about how you’re going to live up to that level of style, where you’re going to get your stationery from, and where to even start. Don’t worry! I gotchu.

I’m going to focus on the couple that’s looking for something different than the everyday wedding paper. Cuz let’s face it, if you are looking for basic, you know the big box online stores you need to go to, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I know some people don’t value paper (gasp!), and that’s totally fine. If that’s you, feel free to scroll on ;)

If you are looking for something curated and special, hi! I’m happy to help!


Step 1: Find your Designer

Figure out your vibe before you reach out to a paper vendor. If you don’t know your direction, your designer won’t know either. Even if it’s a Pinterest photo of something you like, a past STD (yes, you read that correctly, Invite STD is short for save the date) you’ve received, a color palette, something. It will make the process much more streamlined. If you have no frickin’ clue, make sure to find a designer that’s willing to chat over the phone or in person to hash out the ideas. Because it will be the longest email chain ever if it has to be done over the interwebs.

Step 2: Decide what elements you are needing

Do you want to send a save the date? For your invitation suite, do you just need an invitation card and envelope, or the whole kit and caboodle?

If you want to send a save the date; let’s do something different, shall we? Ditch the magnet idea, pretty please. How about a vellum business card with your names and wedding date paper clipped to a letter-pressed card with the lyrics to your first dance? Make it cute enough for a few people to frame.


Step 3: What to include on your save the date

  • +Couple’s names

  • +Date

  • +Optional city + state

I always advise not to include the venue name for 2 reasons.

  1. 1. If you are sending out a year in advance, a lot can change.

  2. Make ‘em sweat, ya know? Build up some suspense. Plus, you don’t want that weird daughter of your mom’s friend that copies literally everything you do, to know where you are getting married so she can book the same weekend. Did I just say that out loud? You get it.


Step 4: When to send them out

Overall, I recommend a year to eight months out. If you are having a destination wedding get those babies out and allow time for people to find plan tickets and other accommodations.

This is my 411 on save the dates, until next time when we talk about the whole damn suite.