How To Keep Your Proposal A Secret


Let me preface this with I have never been engaged and quite honestly if someone asked me right now I’d hope that they were getting down on one knee to tie their shoe or something. However, my sister and a handful of my best friends have been asked the question, “will you marry me?”

I instantly remember asking them so like what did he say? Every time they said, “ I don’t remember, I blacked out.” My hopeless romantic self is thinking, are you kidding me? You didn’t listen to his sob fest of how much he loves you? Girl, you crazy.


My point is, I think it is easy to say that as an outsider, because here is the deal, they all knew the big question was coming at some point and they had prepared themselves. So fellas and ladies, how do we make this a real surprise without your love one finding out?

Here are my tips for both parties

Play it cool, but not too cool. Here’s the deal your girl or guy knows you, like to your core. If you start acting out of the ordinary, they are going to know that something is up. Let’s say you are afraid of heights. Don’t go planning a hot-air-balloon ride if that is something you’d never do.

Don’t go looking! Seriously, don’t try and ruin it for yourself. Don’t read his/her phone, email, or anything that you could stumble upon that would have the details. This also means no snooping around trying to find a ring box! Trust me; you want this to be a surprise, so let it be.

Don’t tell them how to do it. I am talking to you control freaks! This is something that is out of your control, and it should be. Of course, you have probably dreamed up of a way you want to be proposed too but is it as special if you planned it? Let your significant other take the reins. Again, they know you, so it will be something that you love.

Don’t shout it from the rooftops that you are proposing. If you want it to stay a secret, then shut your trap, like do not tell her girlfriends that you are proposing unless they are part of the plan. Girls talk, bottom line, and this is not worth the risk.

Lastly, stay calm, cool, and collected. All the endorphins are running through your body, and it is one of the best days of your life. But take a minute to stop an enjoy it. Enjoy each others company, the words you are exchanging, and the overall moment. You only get this once in your life, well hopefully, so make it count.

All Photography By: Ashton Jean Photography

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