Floral Trends 2020


After the dress, venue, and eats the wedding to-do list still goes on. However, you can put off that seating arrangement for just a few more days and focus on the amazing florals you are going to have. I mean that is way more fun than a seating chart right?

However, florals can be overwhelming and you may not even know where to begin. To help you out we are sharing top floral trends that you can see come 2020! Can you guess which on we are most excited about?

Dried and Bleached Stems: Bleached steams, say whaaaat?! Yes, you heard that a floral trend of 2020 that you can see flourishing weddings is dried and bleached stems. Meaning greens turned white through a bleaching process that ya girl knows nothing about. However I will say these stems are amazing and add some gorg detail and texture to a bouquet. Not to mention total freaking boho vibes, right?

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 3.28.50 PM.png

Palms and Grasses: Oh yes your pampas grass is sticking around. Adding all that volume in installations, bouquets or what have you. Don’t worry it wont just be pampas grass that you will be seeing. You’ll see you palm leaves, bunny tail grasses, and the list goes on.


Anthurium: So if you can’t pronounce it can it not be at your wedding. I am totally kidding, yet don’t act like you didn’t sound out Anthurium too when saying it out loud, which is also known as a flamingo flower. This exotic stem is best known in colors like red, white, and pinks.


Colors: After giving you floral anatomy 101 above I thought we would just hit on colors of florals that we will be seeing in 2020. Oh baby, you guess it. Pink, she is here to stay, especially in a variation like blush. Other colors that we can expect to see are rusts, golds, whites, and of course greens.


Now, if you guessed bleached stems to what floral trend we are most excited for here at our office - you were so right and we aren’t even mad about it.


WeddingLaura Biggins