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The ring has just been slipped on your finger and the excitement of getting to marry your best friend is in full force. Every wedding dream you have ever had is flashing before your eyes and you’re ready to get out that wedding planner and start.


As exciting as planning your dream wedding is, we know here at By Invitation Only it can also be extremely overwhelming. Girl, we’ve got you. We are talking to the experts on where to be when it comes to their area of expertise because we know damn well that we aren’t experts at everything wedding here.

Florals for spring, summer, fall, and winter, I don’t care what month it is Miranda Priestly said it right, they are groundbreaking. Meet the Miranda Priestly of Des Moines, Maya Boettcher. She is the floral guru and creative mastermind behind Wildflower, a floral and event design company.


Sitting down with Maya is like sitting down with your girl who you know is going to give it to straight but with grace. Large turquoise ring and all she isn’t here to mess around, she is here to make every couple’s floral dreams come to life no matter how big, or small they are, which is one of the many things we love about her here at B.I.O.


Here is what Maya had to say:


Where does a couple even begin when picking florals for her wedding?


Maya: Creep, creep, creep on Instagram to find a floral designer whose work you love. It is super important that your designer gets your vision and vibe for your wedding, not just your florals. From there, set a budget and have an idea of what you like before your first consultation.


What do couples need to know going into their first floral meeting? 


They need to know the set budget they want to spend, have inspo pictures, and know their venue, wedding color palette, and I like to know what people are wearing even. I want to get the whole vibe of your day so that I can design your florals around everything.



What if the couple isn’t familiar with stems and isn’t sure what their floral budget should be? 


It is okay if a couple isn’t familiar with a stem that is where the inspiration pictures come in. I will know the stems as long as they provide me with the photographs of what they want.


Of course, some stems are more expensive than others, just like anything. When it comes to a floral budget, start with what do I need? Make a good list like the bride’s bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, groomsmen, ceremony flowers, and so on. Do your research and see how much items cost on average that you are wanting.

Would you say you can work within any budget and is there a way to get more bang for your buck?

Of course, we can work within any budget. $200 is just as important as a $5,000 budget. I can work with anything, but there needs to be an understanding that some things may not be doable with a smaller budget.

There is always a way to get more bang for your buck. For example, I think the point of interest florals are sometimes better than centerpieces because let’s talk to people at the table. There is nothing more annoying than having to talk around a piece. So let’s put some amazing draping of greenery and flowers on the stage or main table where people are looking.

Photo By: Anna Jones Photography

Photo By: Anna Jones Photography

What exactly is your design process? 

It’s a secret, duh! Just kidding, it starts with a consultation where I create what we call a floral recipe, which includes estimation on how much things will cost based on the visual given. If you were to show me a bridal bouquet I can plan the whole florals, I would collect a deposit, and then with a waiting period of 30 days out we will finalize and the process begins. I physically build the design and think of all the logistics included, how is this going to function? What hard goods will I need? Lastly, where and when will I need to deliver and assemble?

That is what my next question was, what are often people surprised about during the design process? 

The logistics of it all and the amount of labor and delivery that goes into floral. People forget that floral is a living thing, so it has to be at a specific temperature, timing matters to make sure that it is perfect during the ceremony and when it transported to the reception. And of course, total cost, because things add up and that can be shocking.

Who would you say your ideal couple is?

A couple that trusts me and trusts me to bring their vision to life. A clear vision and a bride that is decisive on what she wants, likes, and her budget.

Is there something that you would love to do for a wedding or trends that you are looking forward to?

I mean I would love to do florals Kylie Jenner style. Out of this world florals with “wow” pieces like chandeliers, sculptures, arches, backdrops, and just insane floral installation with out of the box design.

As far as trends, I am excited about dried floral. It’s not so traditional it is more Australian outback style with leaves, grasses, bleached stems, and exotic flowers. I love things that are odd and unique that contrast with one another.

Photo By: Anna Jones Photography

Photo By: Anna Jones Photography

What is your overall advice to couples? 

Know your budget, overall vision, and trust your designer. Doing this will help you stay relaxed because the reality it is never going to be the spitting image of the image you show because of availability and season of flowers, sometimes it just isn’t realistic.


Lastly, who is Wildflower and what do you offer? 

Wildflower is a company that does daily florals, birthday florals, event floral, event design and rentals, and wedding planning. We are all about bringing originality and uniqueness to your special day or whatever the event is. We are wedding planners and floral planners, so we get it, and you’re going to get dope boutique floral.

I told you, Maya is a wealth of floral knowledge and I left learning things I never even knew were a thing. Like that, you have to clean florals? I mean I just assumed they came that way. Maya has an eye for never seen things and creativity that is out of this world, which I admire.

Because of our admiration of Maya’s great taste, we wanted to share a list of her preferred vendors and event spaces locally. Check them out.

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