2020 Wedding Hair Trends


From a wedding dress to accessories and everything in between, there are so many different elements that go into making a bride feel wedding day beautiful.

Now don't get me wrong, they aren't a necessity but more a personal choice, I mean there is nothing wrong with a gal wanting to feel like freaking Beyonce on her wedding day is there? The answer is no.

Our B.I.O. Team took a deeper dive into wedding hair trends and what we can expect to see on 2020 brides. While some elements like hats and crowns have been around, we haven't seen them trending in the past few years, but they are here for the year 2020.

Today we are breaking down four different wedding hair trends and our thoughts on them!


A special shoutout to Bella Kim, Owner + Hair Guru at Avant Salon for spending the afternoon with our crazy team and offered some words of advice to brides. Here is what she said:

"A lot of time-independent hairstylists don't love to do wedding parties unless they are an existing client. The reason being is it is tough to plan that far out in advance for such a large group of people and get each bridesmaid's hair done in addition to the brides without it taking all day.

However, often independent hairstylists will do the brides hair. In that case, it is super important that the bride brings many ideas of inspiration to the first trial because a picture you love on Pinterest may not be do-able with your hair type or length.

I always recommend doing a trial about three weeks out from your wedding date, so both the bride and hairstylist can prepare come the day of the wedding. It also gives an idea if extensions may be needed."

Trend numero uno: dainty floral details

Our girl gang leader, Laura, took this trend on. With a short to medium length hair, Bella found it best to incorporate this trend by doing simple natural curls with a couple of sections twisted back to create a half up half down look.

Bella placed a few pieces of fresh baby's breath flowers into Laura's hair to create the ultimate bohemian hairstyle. Check out our inspo and Bella's creation!


Trend number two: Hollywood curls

The ever so stunning Maggie took on this hair trend, with her icy blonde short to medium-length locks. Bella parted Maggie's hair deep on her right side to create more volume and that extra "swoop" effect.

All curled up, and you could say Maggie was ready to hit the red carpet. Take a look.


Trend number three: barrettes

Now, I wasn't sure how I felt when barrettes came back in the picture. They were a staple of my childhood, but part of me thought maybe they should be left there.

I signed up myself for this one. My long hair girlies know there is nothing worse than hair being in your face all night long when you are a dancing queen. I can now say if I was a bride, I could get behind this trend.

Bella teased and curled my hair, pulling it all to a side pony. She then pulled back a few front pieces and placed the barrettes.


Trend number four: the classic updo

Our sweet girl Ashton took on this trend. Since Ashton has the shortest hair in our girl gang, Bella used a method that made it look like she had more hair. By placing a hair donut in her hair and twisting several individual pieces to create depth, Ashton left the salon wedding-ready.


Our Thoughts: With advice from Bella and hair trials in place. Our team's most significant piece of advice is to make sure that you pick a style that fits not only your vibe but also something functional and doable with your hair type.