Floral Trends 2020

After the dress, venue, and eats the wedding to-do list still goes on. However, you can put off that seating arrangement for just a few more days and focus on the amazing florals you are going to have.

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WeddingLaura Biggins
Paper 101: Save The Dates

You’re engaged. Suddenly you remember that one save the date you received from “the cool girl” and start to panic about how you’re going to live up to that level of style, where you’re going to get your stationery from, and where to even start. Don’t worry! I gotchu.

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How To Keep Your Proposal A Secret

Let me preface this with I have never been engaged and quite honestly if someone asked me right now I’d hope that they were getting down on one knee to tie their shoe or something. However, my sister and a handful of my best friends have been asked the question, “will you marry me?”

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Off marketLaura Biggins
Expert: Maya Boettcher

The ring has just been slipped on your finger and the excitement of getting to marry your best friend is in full force. Every wedding dream you have ever had is flashing before your eyes and you’re ready to get out that wedding planner and start.

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