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Hi, I’m Laura!


I am the curator of this blog. I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but never had the support system and help to carry it out. But now, here we are!

A bit about me…

Wife and Mama first; I have 2 babes and a handsome husband at home. They are by far my greatest accomplishment. I know I’m supposed to say that, but I totally mean it. I live for college football and lazy Sundays with Casey’s breakfast pizza (ok fine, and Diet Dr. Pepper).

Creative second; I’ve always been “artsy fartsy”, as my mom says. Always drawing, painting, doodling (the margins of my Lisa Frank spirals were packed with bubble flowers). Even though I actually ended up graduating from UNI with a BA in Marketing, I still landed in a creative position fresh out of college: Assistant Product Development, Merchandiser and Designer at Jlo by Jennifer Lopez in NYC. I moved around in the fashion design industry in NYC for awhile, then eventually moved to Dallas to work as the Women’s Designer for their fashion line. That’s when I got engaged and all things changed! It was during my own courtship (did you know that’s the term for the time period between engagement and marriage?? You’re welcome) that I started working in the wedding industry. My wedding planner was aware that I knew the pertinent design programs, so she asked me to help out with that stationery for another wedding she was working on…the rest is history. I still work with her today (Trifecta in Dallas, Texas)!

By Invitation Only was born in 2007. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first retailers on, which totally helped me catapult my business. I worked out of my home until May of 2018, when I bought a company here in Des Moines called The Vinyl Studio. When I took that business over I and had two employees. Since then, we’ve grown to a staff of 5 full time, 3 part time. Our most recent hire (meet Meredith below!) was brought on specifically to run social media, launch this blog, and launch our wholesale program at TVS. I am so excited to share all of the things about weddings I’ve learned throughout the years, and honey, I’ve heard it all. Thanks for reading, it means the most. LYLAS.

If you want to hear more about me, give a listen to my podcast @KByepodcast


Hello, hello! I’m Meredith.

Aka the new girl, and damn proud of it. I am #blessed to be apart of this woman run creative team, doing all things social media, blog, and wholesale!

Now you may or may not be wondering how I ended up here or what my story is. I’ll let you in on the 411 but grab a cup of coffee because it is not the craziest story ever.

I graduated Iowa State University with a BS in Apparel Merchandising and Design, with a minor in business. With an urge for something more creative I started blogging and Forever Mere born. My favorite thing about blogging is getting to collaborate with so many different individuals and all of the places it has led me. That is why I am so thankful that Laura asked me to take on this role!

When I am not creating content you can find me trying new beers with my friends, pizza night with my family and pup, watching re-runs of Friends, and traveling as much as I can.

I am so excited to take on this adventure and can’t wait to see all the amazing places this blog is going to take this team!

Just a reminder, sarcasm is my first language so never take me too seriously.


Hi, friends! I’m Ashton.

I’m one of the graphic designers who work here at By Invitation Only and I absolutely love being a part of this team. We’re all a little quirky in our own ways but that’s what makes it such a fun environment to work in every day. You never quite know what we’ll cook up!

So, a bit about me… I’m originally from Kansas (yes, like the movie Wizard of Oz) and moved to Iowa for my freshman year of college where I attended Iowa State University. I graduated May of 2018 with my BFA in Graphic Design, spent that summer interning with a digital creative agency in Des Moines and then the beginning of that September I came to work with Laura at By Invitation Only and her other company, The Vinyl Studio!

When I’m not at work, I’m usually never home — I like to stay busy and be out and about around Des Moines! You can find me drinking margaritas on a patio with friends, practicing new techniques with my camera or walking the many trails around the city. Recently though, I’ve taken on a new adventure and purchased my first letterpress machine, a Chandler and Price Pilot Press! It’s a little guy but it’ll be perfect for mastering the process of letterpress, something I fell in love with while at Iowa State studying abroad. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me at a local market here soon!


Hello! I’m Maggie.

Hello, friends! Just to preface- I’m not a great “writer” so bear with me while I tell you a bit about myself. I’m from a really small town in Nebraska, small as in I graduated with like 30 people, yikes. I always felt creative but never really had an outlet for it. I started college taking nursing courses, totally not the path for me. One day I saw a graphic design show at my college and decided that needed to be my life. After moving to Mexico a couple times I ended my college career with degrees in Graphic Design & Spanish. An odd mix, I know, but I’ve literally never been normal. 

When I’m not working with all of the people you’re reading about I’m working on my side business, Henna by Maggie, trying super odd foods, and traveling. If you want to hear more about me + my life listen to my episode on the @KByePodcast